(From the other side) and good morning!

‘If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing, then the desire must be not to write.’ -Hugh Prather

People tell me, ‘I can write’, ‘I want to write’, ‘I know how to write but’, ‘I used to write when I was younger’, ‘Writing is my passion’ and so on.
And I believe they can, but the problem is that they aren’t- for whatever reasons.


Enter the iCanWrite Hub six-weeks program where you actually write, publish on our blog and get feedback, insight and direction.
We will serve as your accountability partner, your editor, your guide, your inspiration even… But write you must because we learn to write by writing.
Whether it’s a blog or a book, we will give you the push you need to get you on your way.


Kind regards,
Unstoppable Jennie,
For the iCanWrite Team.


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