I was enjoying a TGIF moment with friends and we somehow delved into the issue of the brutality(ies) we suffered at the hands of our darling parents under the guise of parenting. From grinding pepper to insult the injuries inflicted by unbridled flogging, to inserting objects into certain parts (details too gory). My personal favourite is being presented with a knife and a wire and asked to choose which one will be the instrument of your death, followed by a speedy burial in the backyard. Scandalous right?

Anyways, we reached the consensus that most of our parents actually dabbled into blatant child abuse and for what? Hardened little criminals who asked “Is it not just flogging?” and rebellious teens that couldn’t wait to tear off the shackles of parenthood and ‘tear eye’ the minute they were away from home. Of course, the good Lord intervened in the lives of many, making us the people we are today.

Perhaps with the images of those traumatic beatings in our sub-conscious, the parents of my generation seem to have no backbone when it comes to discipline. Little kids ride roughshod over their parents, the little lords and ladies of the manor, throwing tantrums and disobeying authority.

So where’s the balance? We don’t want to go completely unscrewed while wielding a cane, neither are we gonna let our little munchkins walk all over us…say what???

My little two cents: First, parenting requires Godly wisdom. Not commonsense logic. If you doubt this, ask the parents who did all the ‘right’ things and got all the ‘wrong’ results. Secondly, don’t discipline your children in anger, but do discipline them.

Thirdly, never forget that they are CHILDREN! They are not your mean boss, an insubordinate employee, a corrupt policeman, or an annoying spouse. They are CHILDREN and should be corrected lovingly and wisely. They should not pay for the sins of their mother or father or anybody else. THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!



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